Removal Personal Documents

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Removal Personal Documents

Сообщение  rcoelhoj в Вт Июл 19, 2016 9:23 pm

Good morning, you re-posted a picture of my official document sent to you through the wordpresscom website
these images are part of a defamatory publication already found and proven
I am Brazilian citizen who live legally in Europe, from today I will press charges against WORDPRESScom, in European criminal court I hope have no need to take the same action against you
in this the undue publication and does not correspond to the truth of the facts
kindly ask the removal of images that corresponds to my passport which you have no legal right to publish since the image were hacked my email
I post the answer here below the
kindly await response
> Yes, this is my passport
In response to your report of a Privacy Violation, we have removed the images of your passport and ministerio del interior card, and notified the site owner. We will give them an opportunity to explain why they feel the content is not a violation of our Public/Private Information policy:
[Только модераторы имеют право видеть эту ссылку]
If you notice that the site owner has republished this information, without otherwise hearing from us, please let us know immediately.


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Re: Removal Personal Documents

Сообщение  Admin в Пт Июл 22, 2016 1:55 pm



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